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(1) Entry is for adults only.
You must be legally considered an adult in your community in order to be permitted to view anything on this site. You are responsible for being aware of the laws and community standards of the place you reside and you affirm that in visiting our site you are not violating any of the laws or community standards of the place you reside. In most places, this means you must be over age eighcoed, but it may be twenty-one depending on location.

(2) We are always available for customer service.
You can always e-mail with any concern and we will try to address it as quickly and as helpfully as possible. We are all addicted to our internet connections, so most responses will be very speedy. For billing help only, you will get the most efficient and fastest assistance by visiting our billing link or e-mailing or calling (888)596-9279 between 9am and 5pm Pacific time.

(3) Your feedback is vital to us.
We appreciate any comments you might have about our site and service. We want you to enjoy your experience here and to come back often!

(4) You may cancel your membership at any time.
You may cancel rebilling on your subscription at any time by clicking here or e-mailing with your name and username. Please give us any constructive criticism you might have on what you would like us to add to the site. We are always growing.

(5) Our billing company has strict fraud prevention systems in place.
We can sometimes intervene on your behalf with our billing company and they can sometimes intervene with the bank on your behalf. But the bank has the final say. Most of our surfers are honest and part of our scene, so this will not apply to almost anyone surfing this site, but it is always good for people to be aware of policies. Our billing company asks that you "please note that trying to deny a valid charge through your bank or credit card company is fraudulent and is illegal. When we receive such disputes, this is our standard dispute policy: 1. If you try to dispute or deny a valid charge, your credit card or checking account along with your name and address will immediately be added to a negative database. The negative database is shared by thousands of merchants on the internet, both large and small, and you will not be able to purchase goods or services from said merchants in the future. 2. If you try to dispute or deny a valid charge, you will be sent an invoice for the disputed amount by regular postal mail. Copies will also be sent to your bank and credit card company. The invoice will include the following information: The name of the site you paid to access, your IP address when you signed up, the day and time of your signup, original charge amount plus a $25 fee for dispute processing. 3. If you do not pay the invoice within 30 days, a second invoice will be sent. The second invoice will include the following information: Access logs detailing when you accessed the site in question and what ISP you used to do so. Examples of any files and/or pictures and/or video captures of any information you downloaded from the site after gaining your username and password. 4. If the second invoice is not paid within 30 days, your file will be forwarded to one of the 17 collection agencies that we work with on all five continents. To avoid any of the above, we encourage you to contact us first for any problems with your membership purchase. We have an excellent track record in resolving any problems to see that you are fully satisfied with your purchase." Our billing folks are really very nice. Their strictness keeps prices down for you.

(6) You may not share your password with others.
If too many people log into your account with your password, our robot will shut off your username automatically. For technical reasons we don't really follow, our robot also shuts off any account attempting to surf with safeweb or related services. You will not be able to access the whole of this site using such a service. If it appears that you were a victim of hacking or related activities, you will be given the opportunity of course to choose a new password. If it appears that you are responsible for abuse of your account, your username may be terminated without refund and your name, credit card information, and other identifying particulars may be placed in a negative database shared by thousands of web sites. This is to prevent people who are bad risks from making online purchases. Keeping people like that out keeps costs down and gets better service for the rest of us. Please keep in mind that this site supports the creation of Gothic erotica. Password sharing strains our server and makes downloads slower for everyone and it costs money which goes to website hosting rather than the creation of more art.

(7) Everything here is copyrighted.
All images, text, design elements, and other creative material on this site is copyrighted and may not be reproduced or redistributed in any way, in any form, in any media without explicit written permission from the webmaster. We are sorry this means that you are not permitted to archive any material from this site. People have cropped off our copyright info and claimed they took the pictures. We hope that someday soon there will be better ways to protect one's creations from thieves without having to make it harder for everyone. If it were easier to get an ISP or a billing company to shut down a thieving pay site without going to court . . . if webmasters who steal were not so disagreeable about removing images when asked . . . if people did not believe that modern pictures could be public domain when there is no such thing as a color picture in the public domain . . . Color photography has not been around long enough for any color images to be in the public domain. Well, we hope for a simpler future, but for now we ask that you leave what you see on this site on this site. Thanks for your support.

(8) This site is not responsible for the content of sites it links to.
While of course we can not control or in any way be responsible what other webmasters do, if you feel we are ever linked to a site we should not be, please e-mail us and express your concerns. We care about your opinions.

(9) You may not enter this site with any malicious intent.
Enough said. Go have fun now. Thanks for supporting us and being a patron of the arts.